Submitted by: Jim Sladky on Mar 22, 2011

     Kate has been the second GSP that I have had Mike do a force break to retrieve on. Mike is very thorough in making sure the dog is finished before sending the dog home. He calls often to give updates on the progress of the dog, and is caring of not only the mental side of the dog, but the physical condition of the dog. He also firms up the other obedience aspects of the dog, such as whoa and backing. Spending an hour of time to see what he has done with the dog at his place has been the best education I could get with further training of my dogs.

     Knowing that Kate would test me when I got home with her, Mike has been great in answering all my questions that have come up. Mike has made me a better trainer of my own dogs. If ever needed, Mike would take her back to correct any thing that I could not take care of on my own. I owe Mike more than what I have paid for the training.

Thanks. Jim Sladky

Oxford, NE

Submitted by: Kyle McConnell on Feb 08, 2011

     Great breeder and trainer! Not only has Mike done an exceptional job of training my dog, he has done wonders in training me. His care and compassion about the animals is second to none, and there is no other dog trainer whom I would send my dogs to or refer my friends to go. TOP NOTCH!!


Submitted by: Wayne Baker on Jan 06, 2011

     I trained labs for field trials for 20 years. Iíve seen good and bad dog trainers come and go. It's been 15 years since Iíve done any dog training. Because of the fact being that I have never trained pointers, I knew I needed to find a good, honest trainer. I started by getting a lot of referrals. Mike Weis's name came up often. I interviewed many dog trainers before making my final decision to work with Mike. Mike is the type of trainer you can trust with your hunting or field trial dog. Some would say he is honest to a fault. Mike will tell you the truth about your dog and your ability as a dog trainer/handler. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear to keep your business. It's not about the money, it's more about what is best for you as a customer and your dog, not for him. He has high standards and expectations to see high-quality field work, in the dogs he trains, whether that's field trials or hunting. You will be very proud to own a dog that he has trained. However, if you choose to train your own dog and run into problems he can help you come up with a solution.

     Mike worked with my dog Buck. In Buck's first NSTRA trial weekend he took a second and a third place after Mike's help. I really value Mike's advice and training. His weekly phone calls on how my dog was responding to his training was a nice added touch.

     I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a fine hunting or a field trial dog.

 Wayne Baker

Arvada, CO.


Submitted by: Stuart Hennen on Dec 01, 2010

     I recently purchased a finished dog from Mike. She has been everything he said she was, I couldn't be happier. What has impressed me the most is the concern Mike showsfor his dogs and his customers. Mike has gone out of his way to make sure the transition has gone smoothly, calling to check in mulitple times, offering to meet up with me to work thru any problems I might encounter, and answering any questions I have.

     I would not hesitate to buy from Mike again!


Submitted by: Jim McDermott on Sep 07, 2010

     Mike has worked with 3 German Shorthairs for the past 5 years. I just had Mike work with my two youngest dogs, JO BO & Hoss for a fall tune up. All I can say is wow, one week each and if they are not perfect, I'll eat my hat! I guided last week with JO BO and he was dead on, pointing, held tight, & retrieved fantastic. Mike's patience and ensuring your dog is what you want can't be matched. Thanks


Submitted by: Phil Abeyta on Sep 07, 2010

     I have had excellent results with Mike's dog training.I was refered to Mike by a hunting guide who had a GSP that Mike trained. I was disapointed after having my GSP(MAX) in a dog training program for 5 weeks with no results.I took MAX to Mikes place and with in a few weeks Max was ready to take hunting. Max is steady on point,very obedient and is now a excellent hunting companion. We also bought a female GSP puppy from Mike. We recently attended a field trial and saw both of our puppy's parents(Cash and Dutch)do very well.This just re-assured us that we made the right decision in buying a dog from Mike. I wouldn't take my dogs to anyone else for training. You can really tell that this is not just a job for Mike, but a passion that shows itself in the results of the dogs he trains.


Submitted by: Trevor Andersen on Sep 01, 2010

     I have bought two pups from Mike. My first pup was 5 years ago (Dandy X Cash). She is a small female but has and gives everything, probably more so than the larger dogs. High Head and tail. Very fast and excellent retriever. She has been used mainly as a club dog and has been one of the best there, if not the best.

     I just received my 2nd Pup (Dutch X Cash), I had to have another. I am very pleased with this new pup. Excellent looking pup. It is very bold and I am excited for her future. My experience with Mike has always been a pleasure. He has been great to work with on both purchases. I would recommend him to anyone.

Trevor Andersen,

Utah (435)865-2306


Submitted by: Dan Chase on Sep 01, 2010

     Mike Weis really knows GSP's. We made a trip up to Mikes place to pick up our puppy last week and really love the results. Mike answered all our questions and really went the extra mile explaining things to us. Mike even showed us the two parents in action at his place when we picked up/out our puppy. Their pedigrees really showed through when they pointed the birds he had hidden for them. I really look forward to having Mike help with some training and learning more about GSP's. Thanks Mike.


Submitted by: Dean Barber on Feb 14, 2010

     We picked up our male GSP on January 3, 2010 and he is a pup from Cash and Dutch's latest litter. He is now 13 weeks old and doing great. Mike made the entire process very straight forward and carefree, while taking the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. His commitment is to the satisfaction of his clients and finding good homes for his puppies, and that was obvious in every step of the process. After seeing both Cash and Dutch work a field and looking at all of their accomplishments, I know our new dog, if trained properly, will be both a great hunting and family dog.

Submitted by: Troy Glasmann on Feb 09, 2010

     I just wanted to let everyone to know if you need a dog trained or need help with your dog mike is the guy you need! I'll tell you why I have a 2yr old lab that would go out in the field to hunt and run back to the truck this was real up setting for me. I took her up to mike to see what was wrong with her, That afternoon see was wanting to chase birds around, That made my whole day and he took time to explain to me and my 10 and 13 yr old kids how to handle her when were out in the field. On the last weekend of hunting she was wanting to hunt instead of going back to the truck. I will be taken her back to Mike this summer for she will be ready next year. THANKS Mike !

Submitted by: Bret Elliott on Jan 06, 2010

     Hello, I thought I would add a follow up to my first post. We have had Jager now for a little over a year, he was 6 months old when we picked him up. Mike has worked with us to get him ready for his first hunting season. I took him on a 3 day pheasant hunt in November and then on a day hunt last weekend. He did great, pointed birds on the first day and just got better after that, he still has a ways to go before he has it all down, but he has a great dog and a natural hunter. We are hoping to get another pup from Mike this spring. On another note, we are socializing one of his puppies and are thing about starting a small business providing this service to other for others. If you are interested please call me.

Thanks Bret

Submitted by: Mike Opatik on Apr 10, 2011

     I met Mike through a friend and pheasant competitions. I never thought about getting a dog but when I did he was the one that I took him to. He did excellent with deuce. When we first got him he didn't want to come, fetch, retrieve, or even be around anybody. Now that I have got him back from Mike I went and guided my first pheasant challenge with deuce he had the top five fastest times for the hunters (four pheasants in less than 5 min). He is just an all around dog Mike did a great job with him and I would recommend him to anyone with dog issues or just wanting a new hunting dog.
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