Locknload Kennel is a family owned pointing dog kennel near Pierce, Colorado that features Quality over Quantity in German Shorthaired Pointers, English Setters and now an English Pointer.
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     Our trial dogs are also hunting dogs! We hunt wild pheasant, quail, Sharptailed grouse and huns in several states.
     Keep in mind that we are featuring top hunting dogs, not just top-notch trial dogs!
     Locknload produces dogs we all like to hunt/trial behind. They are competitive, stay busy, and do their work with extreme style and intensity. When the work is done they are happy to spend time with the family. Bred to hunt/trial with all the good breeding, Wrenegades, Windwalker, Fancy White Trash, Impressive, and Odyssey put together to provide you with the ultimate hunting/trialing experience.

      We strive to match dogs with superior bird finding ability to enhance the hunters experience in the field. To accomplish this we compete in foot trials, specifically National Shoot to Retrieve trials. The dogs are scored on each find, retrieve, one back plus ground coverage and ability. The basic concept is that the dog that wins is the dog that finds the most birds with the best style and intensity. To achieve a NSTRA Championship, a dog must accumulate 18 points, of these 9 must be first place wins. A dog can accumulate multiple
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